About Inara

During my 14 years of Second Life, I have always loved to create things to be used in our daily lives in this virtual world. I created Inara to have mesh decor items and not only, things that I can't find in Second Life, my decor style may not be what many other interior designers have in Second Life and it is normal, I am happy that clients can find the style that fits them best and bringing to this world, items I love from real life that is not easily found in here was the main reason that I created this store for.

After 14 years, I decided to learn Blender by having classes in Udemy and I am in love with what I am learning and so excited. Some mesh decors items for Inara, I create myself and most of the newest / latest designs and custom ones for my most recent vacation destinations (Bali & Wakanda) are created by Stefan Radenkovic, an amazing Blender designer that helps me bring many of the designs I love in real life to Second Life.

So far the response been amazing to the items I been selling in my store and I am happy it helps in your decor needs. It inspires me to have more coming and I appreciate the support of all of you who became clients of Inara, I trully appreciate you and thank you so much for helping me improve always.

Much Love always xoxo

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