Asha Destinations,
6 years on the grid!


Hello dear tourist, welcome to my Travel Agency!

In 2015, Asha Destinations was created. In my lifetime, I have been blessed to be able to travel the globe. Knowing many within SL have not had that same ability, I desired to bring to SL a travel agency that not only provided a glimpse into these amazing RL places, but over time evolved to include a measure of pampering that amounts to royal treatment.


Being the first to bring this kind of travel service to this urban side of the grid, it was met at first with hesitation from close friends and family, however, just based on the landscaping work that I have done since 2011, people began to book.. trip after trip, vacation after vacation.


2021 marks the 6th year of business for Asha Destinations, and as the grid changes.. so do we..

Book your next vacations, we'll see you soon!



AshaRhia Resident

Asha Destinations Owner

Keyoshi (Alanyi Resident)

Asha Destinations Manager

Tia Kimagawa

Asha Destinations Manager

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