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(September 25th to October 9th 2020)

Special Destination

Groups allowed to book:

- Asha Destinations - V.I.P.

- Asha Destinations - GOLD


- 2000L$ / night / person


Duration of destination:

- 14 days.



- Seaone & AshaRhia



- Couples & singles

- Maximum of 4 people / night

Image by David Švihovec


- Depart @3pm slt.

- Exploring islands in Blake and Nautilus seas.

- Scuba diving.

- Arrival in IBIZA @4:30pm slt.

- Diner @5pm slt.

- Staff leaves @6pm slt.

- Guests spend night in IBIZA on the yatch.

- Breakfast @10am slt.

- Exploring islands & Scuba diving @11am slt.

- Sail back to Terminal for checkout @1pm slt.


- This is NOT a destination with many activities.

- This is for those who love to sail & explore islands.

- No stress, No headaches!

- When you sail in SL, some sim crossings can be painful (crash or fall from boat), so if you can't accept this is SL and there are things that we have no control of, please do not come.

- AshaRhia reserves the right to invite you to leave if you will be a pain, be rude or if not easy to deal with

- This is not a simple tour some do in Second Life, it is a full roleplay experience you will get.

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